Prospective Sale (NOV) 1974 Jaguar V12 Roadster – Opalescent Dark Green

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Prospective Sale (est. June,2016) 1974 Jaguar V12 4 speed  Roadster - Opalescent Dark Green, A/C with Hardtop,English vinyl soft top, 24,000 original miles.

This Jaguar E type v12 4 speed  Roadster is undergoing a complete thorough refurbish down to metal restoration except the interior  as it is in excellent condition. It had been sitting idle for over 15 yrs and required a  detailing and repainting to bring it back to factory standards or better.Offers  will be accepted now and to  completion of  restoration.We are now at the last stage of restoration should be ready to drive by August 30th 2016. We are considering installing 6 downdraft webers and intake to alter slightly from the factory specs making the engine  20-30% more horse power approx. 378hp.We will keep all original parts to easily  put back to original. This is  one of the very last E type roadsters made in 1974 with Hardtop. It is a classic true Convertable V12 with less than 2582 ever made and many less in exsistance being crashed or othwise off the road.

Pictures to follow our progress! Call BMC for more info.