1943 WWII P Boat Restored

WW II P Boat 63’ AVR (like a PT boat) For Sale

Built for the USN in 1943, this AVR served as a crash boat in the Pacific for the duration of the War. Built at Miami Shipbuilding Corp, she was immediately consigned to the USAAF and was designated P-619 (P boat like at PT Boat). Serving in the Pacific during the War, she returned to serve at a Sacramento air base at war`s end.
The 619 P Boat has been going through a continuing, sympathetic restoration to her original form over the last 10 years and by all known sources she remains the only example of an AVR in original military layout in the world.
She currently runs two non-original wartime marine diesels giving superb fuel economy, but has two rebuilt, original 2200 CID Hall-Scott gas V-12s, which will give her a speed of about 40 knots, that are yet to be installed. As well, several pallets containing parts for two more V-12 motors are included.
A very extensive amount of work has been done over recent years bringing the entire structure into good form. All external surfaces have been painted with a very high quality, weatherproof acrylic urethane. Much care has been taken to complete work as near to original as possible from the galley dish rack to the Mk 6 depth charges.
The boat is seaworthy and operational and draws crowds wherever she goes. The 619 P Boat has been the star of many events. The 691 P boat is boathouse kept and the work continues at the current time with the gun carriages for the two twin .50 cal gun turrets under construction and as well, the interior accommodation continues to go forward.
Current price is $675,000 USD. (Price will elevate as the work progresses)

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