1947 Triumph 1800

This fine original example of a  4 door 1947 Triumph 1800 Town&Country Saloon. A classic automobile with front suicide doors,wood trim, leather seats and limo like look from back side is for sale.The appearance is great and well cared for with some leather fading and patina throughout. It runs and drives very well having just been serviced here at BMC. The owner after many wonderful years of ownership and motoring has made a decision because of downsizing to put it up for sale. DETAILS: This Triumph 1800 was made from 1945-48 approx 4000 produced then  later 1948 on the renown was produced. It has  a 4 cyl ohv  65 bhp with a tubular frame. We are available for showings and roadtests by appointment . Call David 604 875 9911 BMC Motor Works Ltd. We are asking $14,000 with a warranty subject to sale price